Hi, I’m Faune, I’m a doctoral student in literature and a teacher and tutor of writing at a large public university. I18238449_912034009598_5606129830007362142_o study affect and emotion, in particular representations of shame and loss, in U.S. Southern women’s writing. I love to write and to edit; just the simple act of putting words together, whether it be while editing a report or drafting an email or composing a poem, can light me up. These days, my preferred form of creative expression is poetry.

My poetry is generally simple and straightforward. I usually write when I have a burst of inspiration and I rarely revise later. I write from the perspective of a half-Jewish gap-toothed woman born and raised in a small eccentric community of artists, writers, and queers in the northern part of the southern Bible Belt. My poems center on topics that are close to me–chronic illness (I have Crohn’s disease), anxiety, depression, perfectionism, shame, healing, and vulnerability. As someone who has always had a complicated relationship to their body and a rich (and sometimes overpowering) psychic life, much of my work, academic and creative, seeks to explore the relationship between female embodied experience and sense of self, between inside and outside, as it were.

These days, I’m trying to cultivate a more mindful approach in my life and in my work, to learn how to be patient and to let go. This is a space for reflection and for questions, for being and dreaming, a personal blog of half-finished poetry, fragments of writing, moments that inspired me, and words that made me feel.



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