what is a poem

i want to write,
writing to find
like beauty
in these letters
held together
by the things
they say
and do not

i must be truthful
when i say
i want to write
to touch pain,
to find that space
between the letters
where pain and beauty
exceeding everything
those words, entwined, might

i want to make life
with poetry
life emerging
from the dust
of pencil shavings
from the confines
of this language
from this world where things

herein lies the problem

some things cannot be poems
some pain tears at the insides,
lies in the dark at night,
refuses the call
to enter the world
i wish to make anew,
the desire to create
can be swallowed
by that pain,
close my eyes to beauty,
my body to joy

now searching for a way back
a way forward,
as Alice Walker writes,
with a broken heart

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